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Federico Galimberti


Via Calamandrei

-20862- Arcore MB

email: federico@bunkerstudio.it

Work experience

School of Cinema, Milan Specialized degree

SEPTEMBER 2000 - JULY 2001

I studied editing video on Avid systems and the structure of cinema language. 

I.S.A., MonzaHigh school diploma

SEPTEMBER 1994 - JULY 1999

I have a degree in industrial design.

AWS — Milan, Mi.Co.

Amazon Web Service Italian national conference. - Graphic switcher operator (Barco e2).

Google — Milan, Mi.Co.

Google  Italian national conference. - Graphic switcher operator (Barco e2).

“Saludo JAx & Fedez” — Milan, San Siro Stadium

Rappers concert. - Media server operator (Pandoras Box).

Shanghai Fashion Week — Shanghai fashion district

Inaugural ceremony. - Graphic switcher operator (Barco e2).

Design week — Milan, Real Palace

Inaugural dinner, architectural videomapping. - Media server operator (Pandoras Box).

Cosmoprof — Bologna 

Haircut show. - Video enginering.

Wella — Bologna 

Haircut show. - Graphic switcher operator (Barco e2).

“Locomotive” Jazz Festival — Lecce 

Media server operator (Pandoras Box).

MediaMarkt — Bologna 

Italian convention. - Video enginering.

Kids Got Talent — Milan 

Media server operator (Disguise).

SKY Upfront — Milan 

Media server operator (Pandoras Box).

Rossini Opera Festival — Pesaro 2017

Media server operator (Pandoras Box).

Ferrari Challenge — Florence / Mugello 

Media server operator (Pandoras Box, Disguise).

ACEA — Rome, Colosseum

Videomapping. Media server operator (Pandoras Box).

Canelli cellar museum (UNESCO) — Canelli

Media server operator (Pandoras Box, WD).

“Tosca”, Opera Theater — Milan, Cathedral 

Videomapping. - Media server operator (Pandoras Box).

Prada fashion shows — Milan

Media server operator (Pandoras Box).

Pepsi Cola worldwide conference — Rome

Graphic switcher operator (Barco e2).

Generali insurance investors conference — Barcelona

Media server operator (Pandoras Box). Videoprojectonist.

WATANYA inaugural ceremony — Kuwait City

Media server operator (Pandoras Box, WD).

“Io Canto”, MEDIASET — Milan

Kinesys K2 operator

“Priscilla, The queen of the desert” — Milan

Media server advisor (Pandoras Box).

X-Factor Audition — Italy

Media server operator (Pandoras Box, WD).

Heineken convention — Milan

Media server operator (Pandoras Box, WD).

Festival de Cannes, Chopard Party — Cannes

Media server operator (Disguise).


Vorwerk  — Rome

Media server operator (Pandoras Box, WD), graphic switcher operator (Vista Spyder x20).



  • Analog Way, Live Core image processing - Milan, 2019

  • Q-lab - Milan, 2019

  • Disguise, fundamental training - London, 2016

  • Kinesys, certificated operator K2 - London, 2014

My name is Federico, I am a video engineer and craftsman, skilled in designing installations, practically oriented and able to handle the execution as well.

I am well known in the trade and built up my credibility for delivering impeccable service.

  • Media servers operator (Disguise, Pandora's box)

  • Video projectionist

  • 2D/3D Warping

  • ScreenPRO/Encore/e2

  • Vista Spyder

  •  Analog Way (LiveCore, LivePremiere)

  • Led processors

  • 2D graphic (Adobe SW)

  • Autocad/3DS


2010 - present

2010 - present